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One of my favorite things to add to food is…

Unsweetened cocoa powder! I actually prefer the 100% cocoa dark powder, but this was all that Kroger had yesterday so I had to make due. I’m kind of addicted.

Reasons why Cocoa Powder is the best thing ever:

  1. It’s CHOCOLATE. With no sugar. Chocolate has bunches of goodies for your body like..
  2. IRON. The regular kind has 2% of your DRA for this mineral. The dark variety has 10% (sounds like the perfect period fix. iron + chocolate taste = happy hormonal girl).
  3. FLAVANOIDS. It’s been shown to help keep blood pressure at a healthy level and to aid in general heart health.
  4. ANTIOXIDANTS. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being healthy.
  5. Furthermore, a serving size (1 tbs, which with cocoa powder is a LOT of flavor) has only 10 calories and 2 g FIBER. 2 grams of fiber for only 10 calories?! Count me in for sure.

I’m sure there’s more, too. That’s just as far as my knowledge of cocoa powder extends. Enlighten me if you know more!

My personal favorite ways to use Cocoa Powder:

  1. In my oatmeal! Talk about foodgasm when you combine oats, cocoa powder, and a cut up banana. A hearty, ultra-filling breakfast that’s good for you heart and for your waistline.
  2. A little sprinkle on some plain yogurt. I’m on team plain, non-/low-fat yogurt with no added sugar. It’s easy to make it taste delicious, especially if you use a little cocoa powder. Then dip some fruit in it!
  3. In hot chocolate. No matter the season, I love to make hot chocolate by dissolving the powder in some hot water or almond milk.
  4. In chili. Call me crazy. It gives the pot a great, deep flavor.

And of course there are many other ways to use it, be it in baking or whatnot. Send me some ideas!

NOTE: I don’t like sweet stuff very much so I rarely add sugar to anything. Most people would prefer to put sugar in their hot cocoa. Just keep that in mind as you experiment with cocoa powder!

So, how do you guys like to use the god of all food-additives?

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